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Hey 5bass

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Here's a picture of you from Saturday
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stud muffin

I hate Mahopac in the fall LOL. Last year I could do no wrong on maho but this year I struggled . I started the tourney in about 30+ feet with a silver buddy and started working shallower till I found baitfish and when I did I stayed put at around 17 feet of water . I finally got a hook up and said Oh that is what a fish on mahopac feels like LOL well as it got closer we thought it was a big grass carp until it jumped and as the silver buddy went one way and the smallie went the other way we both yelled Oh Shit. My friend manny said dude that was the biggest smallie I have ever seen I said shut up he said dude how did you lose him I said shut up LOL.Well I had 2 more knocks on my silver buddy and then the bite died off. So I went shallow and the first dock I skipped under I was greeted with a 2 lber I thought oh man here we go and the next 15 docks I skipped under produced jack #$%^ . well with 1hr to go I went to the back bay and said to my partner lets go for broke since we are not doing well lets go against the grain well first dock again produced a keeper bass and the next 15 did #$%^ . We finally pulled out to the main lake and saw Dan Morgan and he reported 6 fish limit in his boat and he was cranking so Me and Manny did the Wiggle wart dance back to the marina with no results. I had a chance to talk to Dave Wolack and he explained he never saw mahopac in his life and put 18lbs on the board but he just did what he has done before on similar bodies of water. dave is a real nice guy and I wish him the best of luck on the B.A.S.S trail though he probably could have retired if the foxwoods trail would have kept going and they stayed on candy in early spring LOL 5bass
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Hey 5bass,

You didn't finish the story!!! What on Earth did Dave do to get those 18 lbs.???

;) ;) :cool: ;) ;)
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