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hello good sirs or misses,
the application for rowboat waiting list has been mailed but i would like to try and tap into these resources sooner. i am a catch and release angler and allergic to cigarette smoke. i do not experience the level of success in fishing anywhere else in life. although i have the gear to chase any species, i prefer to fish vertically and often anchored unless glassy conditions persist; i have an anchor. i was informed that access into the reservoirs can be precarious at times, i have the gear to help us launch the rowboat under most, if not all conditions.

this time of year, i would encourage us both to use my vertical fishing system; i have enough gear for you as well. full disclosure; this should result in most species but to a much smaller degree the trout because of roaming in the upper water column. it does not make sense, to target one species which often cruises arbitrarily (late fall-spring) when one can easily locate most other species and catch them within the same water.

if you can help me get out onto a pristine resource sooner than my application being accepted or western reservoirs opening, much obliged. send me a pm if you would like to discuss further details; i can provide my phone number at that time if it is more convenient.

thank you for your time and consideration!
peace and long life!
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