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Help Computer Problems

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I don't know what is going on with my computer but I am getting worried. Starting a couple of days ago, I have trouble typing in my AT&T e-mail and anywhere on the internet were I type text....including here. For example, when I type in my e-mail account I have to wait awhile until the text actually appears. The problems occurs everywhere but not as bad as in my e-mail accounts. I have a cable connection and I just am clueless as to what is causing this problem. I ran a free McAfee scan for half the day and only found two rather harmless "old" viruses that I cleaned up.

Any ideas?????????
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porn slowing things down, 'eh, Johnny?....:D
I think someone planted a Senko in my key board.
It could be your temp internet files are eating up all your memory. But then again it could be something else.
Right click on you IE icon on your desktop page, click on propertys and then on the advanced tab, scroll down till you get to security section and make sure you have a check on Empty temperary internet files folder when browser is closed . If you don't click on it and put the check mark in the box it may help you.
HV...thanks...but I did that already.

The first thing I would do is check the keyboard. First make sure it didn't come loose from the back of the PC. If you have an extra keyboard around you may want to swap it out and see if that is the problem.

Your hard disk may also be going but this will be harder to determine. If it is only happening when you go to the Internet then try shutting off your cable modem and see if the problem clears up.

Also if all you have is the free virus scanner you should try and purchase a full version. I have Norton AntiVirus and it works fine. If you buy the full version you get a full year of updates, which ensures that you have the latest virus definitions, which you may not get with the free versions.

It's hard to troubleshoot without being in front of the computer, but if you want you can shoot me an e-mail with more detail and I will see if I can help you. [email protected]

Good luck,

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Anthonly, not the keyboard, because I can type in Excel and Word with no problem. I have reconnected the cable modem several times. Only happens when typing onto internet message boards, composing e-mails, doing online banking...etc.
Huge, Run a scan disc then a defrag.
Is everything else on the internet slow too? If the problem exists only when you're on line I'd try calling your cable company. They can be very helpful and run a diagnostic on your connection and modem(at least here on Long Island they can). The problem might be at their end.
I agree with JPBass you may want to try your ISP. Since as you say it only happens when your working with the internet your problem probably resides there. Doing a Defrag like Bass Rat said is a good idea also. I don't think the problem is with the disk since everything else works but a defrag can't hurt.

Good Luck,
i have seen some gripes on this before.

how many usb devices hooked up, if any?

sometimes people run a mouse, keyboard, cable modem, scanner, printer all from one port. this can cause multi switching problems. on really fast machines you will not even notice it.. on slower machines it is devastating.

some server side related problems can cause this, but you say it happens everywhere on the net right?

do you have microsoft word on your computer? if so, is it open, or on an office toolbar? this seems to be a problem encountered mainly on machines running mirosoft office or outlook, and the spellchecking engine is the culprit. you don't even have to be running either to notice the delay. very common complaint... not many soloutions.

if you are running outlook... look for the service updates for outlook.. they are a good idea as outlook is a hackers dream when it is not updated.

eudora can also crash and slow entries when opened with office in background. these are common occourances due to the use of word and such to prewrite posts and then spellcheck before posting to net.

just stabs in the dark here... with a small source of light.

memory issues also... slim, but it has been known to cause similar problems.

---- robbie
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Could it be a problem with my Browser????
there are many suggestions to update to the latest browser if using MSIE. the number one problematic browser out there is OPERA. they display some of the symptoms you have stated. always update microsoft products!!! they release hals A$$ attempts at programming, and figure out the bugs over years of trial and error. are you following my theme yet... microsoft is a virus.
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