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Welcome Tom

I have met you at another site. Take a bit of advice here...

People here like to get to hear about you and where you fish, as well as if a boater or non-boater. Give plenty of info and background info on yourself, and you will find others here will open up to you

Many great people here.


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Hello Tom and welcome to the site. Give us some details please.

"Limelight" Wild Bill has told you right.:D

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hello all

hey all,
first of all thanks for the welcome.
been bass fishing almost 20 yrs.and i'm addicted.had to kick and scream for 10 yrs or so to get my 1st real bass boat(1990 gambler w/150 suzuki).fish club and buddy favorite bait is a 4"red shad power worm.can't fish crankbaits to save my life.
in 2002 finished 14th in texas in BBWC,4th in jersey in BBWC,and 2nd place in my club final standings,so i guess i'll stick with the red shad worms for a while.
fish fla.just about every 2 yrs or so.fished Fork last year.
some lakes i've fished..Cayuga,Oneida,Mayopac,Swinging Bridge,Hudson R(kingston-catskills)Susq.Flats.Potpmac,Delaware R,Hopatcong,Beltsville,Manasquan R,Zoar,Candlewood,Lilinonah,Kerr R,and bunch of others i forgot.My home lake is 53 acre Oxford Furnace Lake in Oxford,nj.
Getting bored yet?
i have 3 daughters 27,9,6.....and just became a grandpa this past april.I also have the best wife in the world.(i'm so lucky!).
I'm willing to share any info i have with any other basser,and i look forward to being a contributing member of this site............tom

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allright! that is more like it!

I just had a granddaughter have been around my friend...

don't knock those 4 inch worms, there are a lot of slider fishermen on this board and we use the 4 inch worms often........

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Welcome again, Tom

With an intro like that one, you will really find guys freindly and receptive now....

Many great guys{and a few gals too} here of all levels...

Wow, you certainly do fish quite a bit.....

JohnG is one of the owners here, and is also the forum Moderator a/k/a 'the evil tyrant' to his freinds for his deft abilities with the "electronic scalpel" at handling any problems or attacks here. He is a great guy...

Occaisionally, there are 'get-togethers' of members here, some at events like the upcoming NYBoat Show or Expos like Rockland County,lunches, or some on-water ones too, which is a great way to put faces with names and get to meet some of us in person. I look forward to meeting you.

Leigh, my sides hurt...LOL:D :D :D

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Welcome Tom,
where in NW Jersey? I work in Wayne NJ.
I hail from Warwick NY and fish orange and sullivan county most of the summer till the Strippers start running in the fall...

Tight Lines.. Ken

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Welcome to the board Tom,

Nice intro.....

You have already made it into Lpbassman's and John G's good graces when you mentioned 4" worms. :smlove2:

This is a very friendly board and you will be amazed on how many times you start talking to someone on the water and it turns out to be someone from this site.:beerchug:

Happy Holidays.
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