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haworth pond

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Nice job Tom. Nice to know there are still fish in there. I know that small pond very well. Fished it alot when I was a kid. Lots of of panfish too. Used to ride my bike there. I'm not much of a bass fisherman but I caught and released the largest bass of my life in that pond about 10 years ago. Funny story, I had to fix a birds nest and the jointed jitterbug was just sitting there on the water and bam. I pulled it in by hand. Saw 1 other fisherman there that evening and walked the fish over to him. We both couldn't believe the size of this thing. I had my fist completely in his mouth. My guess it went around 6#.
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Haworth pond. Sorry I missed previous posts. Growing up in Cresskill, I rode my bike there as well. I fished there from '75 up to around '95.
My friends and I would take nice bass from there, usually on Rapalas, twitching them on the surface.


What a blast.

They would stock trout there, we would also get nice Crappie.

When I moved to Park Ridge, I'd fish WoodDale, nice bass there too. It's a sleeper pond. Buzzbaits in the spring were a nice producer.
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