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Green Turtle Pond

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My original plan today was to fish Echo Lake. Well I slept later than I a late start (man, those pancakes smelled good)...and didn't get out until 10:15am. As I approached Echo all I could see was cars and trailers. I assumed there may be a late season tournament going on, or everybody was just enjoying the great November weather. I decided to bag Echo Lake and continued through West Milford and went to Green Turtle. It's a nice little lake with some good bass in it. The road down to the lake is a little rough but the launch is pretty good. I fished from 11:00am until 2:30pm and caught 8 bass....all flipping jigs and one on a spinnerbait. One bass was around 3lbs while the rest were in the 1-2lb range. In that time I fished the entire lake and almost the far bank twice. It's a great place to flip a jig since the lake it loaded with wood and overhanging brush. It looked like rain so I decided to pull out and it's a good thing I did. As soon as I started pulling out it started to rain and eventually poured on me while I was driving home. I didn't come prepared with any rain gear. But it was nice to get out for a few hours and catch a few bass in a really fun lake. Take care...Mark
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Nice job! Hopefully, I will be pitchin' some jigs tomorrow in a small extremely shallow bodied lake I fish in Rockland County, NY. I haven't done that in about a month.

You know all the back road lakes !!!! That is the long windy pot hole laden gem with the Island..Right?
It has been ages...If I am right
I can't believe the season has just about passed and I haven't been up to Green Turtle this year...

I fished it a bunch last year... mostly in summer skipping Senkos under the trees....

I thinks it's 40 acres........ was never crowded when I was there.
I thank my NYJersey members for always filling us in on all these gems of waters that you have!!! mucho thanks!!!
Hey Woody

If you drive up towards Awosting you can see the lake on the right. The road down to the lake is a rough one like you keep it slow. But the ramp is very good and there is a small island right in front of you after you launch. I put my big boat in there with no problem. People tell me they catch smallies by the dam but I never have before. Take Care...Mark
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