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great boxing tonight on HBO

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tune in now....the replay to the Roy Jones fight last week in which he got pummeled but still won....and then the main fight, which could be a potential fight of the year.....Marco Barrera VS Manny Pacquiao

I like Barrera but Im going for my countryman from the Philippines, Pacqiuao, whose been knocking out guys, left and right......

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joe, RJ had a hard one this time, but he still won. after watching it last weekend and now , i still think he won the fight. not by much but won the fight. tarver was doing what ray lenard did against hearns, try to win the last 30 seconds. the first 2rds he was doing great, then he stoped his game plan. that's when RJ took over for about 4rds. then it was a back and forth for a few more rounds. RJ hurt tarver some were in the middle rds cause he was afraid to really mix it up in the later could see it in his eyes and on his face during rds7-10. and the last 2rds was all RJ.
if this gets a rematch i think RJ is going to win hands down. why, he had a hard time losing weight as he said in the post fight interview. you could see that he wasn't himself at all. but he took care of business like a champ!!!
Pacqiuao wins in convincing fashion

pacman destroyed barrera in 11 rounds , and I mean embarrassed the Mexican!

yeah, ray...Jones won, but he got beat up...pretty bad. Its interesting to see if Tyson will fight Jones. .....

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