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after weeks of trying to move the forums over to the new server, i'm happy to report the switch has been made without any data loss! need to re-register like before...i was starting to get worried because we were having problems backing up the database... but it looks like the hosting guys figured it out...

keep in mind that we had 2 forums up and running for a short while yesterday... so several of you posted at the old forums after they were moved, but before they were turned off... i've tried to move the posts that didn't make it, but i may have missed a couple... also, you may have to log in to the site to create a new cookie.

so that's it: NYBASS has officially moved!...thank you frankJ for all your hard work and dedication to the site... don't forget to stop by to see what's going on:beerchug:

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Mike: I knew you could do it buddy!!!

one other little problem: I am getting email notification, saying I have subscribed to threads, which I have never do I turn this thing off, as it sends multiple emails that are unnecessary in my case considering how many times I am on the board.....


I have clicked it off under this post however, I had never touched it in the first place....will it set it in cookies permanently???

Yes Mike it is all good. If you need any assistance please contact me at anytime. Good luck all and I wish all of you a Happy Holiday season!

NYBass will always be #1 as it was my very first web site going back to 1996. NYBass born 4/1996.

John G and Mike D thank you and now you own what you deserved as you made this place I just was the housekeeper :)

Will still be visiting from time to time.

I will keep the old site up until 12/31. In case we need something from it.
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