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Has this country lost its F'n mind?

I just read on Fox news that the asian army translator from Gitmo who was caught with classified documents (and god knows what else) has been released back into army circulation?

Huh??? What?? Where am I?

I think that the evidence (in all probability) points to this guy as a terrorist conspirator...
I mean, is it regular practice that Army Arabic translators carry around classified interrogations and maps of Camp Delta on their person when they take leave?

Still, he's being charged though-- For carrying porn on a government computer! (Never mind the CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS!!!)

Last I checked, espionage carries the death penalty, and this scum gets off with a porno charge.

Man we are so open to get attacked again, this is absolutely ridiculous. Bin laden is laughin over in his cave as our inept forces comb the desert trying to find him-- we must look like spaceballs out there "We combed the desert and we ain't found sh#!"

Then, we let these freakin traitors get off with a porno charge and put them back into our army. What has happened to us?

(Where have the days gone when we used to execute traitors?).

I think we're losing this war on terrorism... we have become a big joke.

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I think we're lossing it too...Bin Laden laughing at "our inept forces" I think is also true...a crying shame at that. We should have most if not all of these resourses looking for the guy responsible for the World Trade Center. How did this become all about Saddam and these WMD??? Was he a "immenent threat" to America...I don't buy it. Did the president say "that man tried to kill my daddy" yes. Does that have something to do with the mission at me yes.
I feel we're spread way too thin which leaves us uneffective. Now 296 deaths Bin Ladden, no Saddam and no WMD...These troops are walking targets over there. I'm just as red,white and blue as the next guy and support these military men however, I feel this whole Saddam and WMD is ALOT of BS...back to the original mission...FIND BIN LADDEN...
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