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gear ratio vs. spool diameter

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Last night I thought I'd buy a large spinning reel, hoping the larger diameter spool would bring line in faster from a normal casting distance of 20-23 yds. I counted from the start of the retrieve to the time the lure was at my feet and repeated this with another reel with smaller diameter spool, but higher gear ratio.

The time of total retrieve was the same for both reels - 15 seconds/ 20 yards of line out. The only thing the larger reel has is line capacity and faster uptake of the first 5' of line with less revolutions of the reel handle. This must be due to the larger spool diameter (less of a % reduction of a filled spool diameter), versus that on the smaller reel with it's greater effective reduction of diameter with the same amount of line out.

Next time I want the fastest reel to bring in line at maximum distance, it will have a high ratio and a larger diameter spool.
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US Reels

I'm in the market for a new reel and am interested in any comments concerning this one.

Even though a recent thread on a river bass chat room discussed the problems of the Shimano and binding (never had any problems w/ Stradics until I started serious yak fishing), the top two contenders are the Shimano Stradic 2500 and the US Reel of equivalent size.
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