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Gander Mtn.??

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Anyone know anything about this place? There is one opening up close by this spring. Thanks..
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Road Trip:beerchug:

Must investigate!

Whereabouts is it opening? If I recall they have a mail order catalog similiar to Cabelas.
and flyfishing...

Haven't received a catalog from them in a while. If I recall correctly, they used to specialize in flyfishing, in addition to the usual fishing stuff.

Check out
I went to the one in Buffalo over the summer. It seemed like a pretty decent place with a nice selection.
Gander Mtn


Opening in the old WalMart on 211 in Middletown, above Sam's Club. Sounds interesting.

We have two stores in the Western New York area. One in Tonawanda (Buffalo) and one in Henrietta (Rochester).

I recently purchased some new rain gear from Gander Mountain. I did it over the phone, and they were willing to mail it to me. I live a couple hours from either location. I did get the impression that they are no longer a mail-order outfit, but rather are opening stores everywhere for on-site sales. I have not been in any of their stores, but hear that they are quite nice and have a large selection. I can say that the salesman I dealt with over the phone, went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied.

C'ya on the water,
They just built one in Rochester, it rocks! It's basically a slightly smaller version of Cabela's. Lot's of bass and walleye stuff, plus a good selection for trout and salmon guys, deep water trolling or fly fishing. Also a massive hunting department.

If you don't have a BPS or Cabela's in your area, this will be the best store in town.


For the info.guys..sounds like they'll be getting alot of my $$$ come spring do they carry Senkos...LOL

Years ago they were a mail order outfit that competed with Cabelas. Gander sold their mail order business to Cabelas but maintained their retail stores, mostly in Wisconsin. In the past few years the have been expanding their retail stores comsiderably. They have quite a nice store in Scranton, Pa, which I get to half a dozen times a year. They are a true hunting, fishing and camping store for the outdoorsman, not a yuppie sporting goods store! Try em, you'll like em!
Re: Thanks...

Cast-a-way said: do they carry Senkos...LOL
Gander Mt. Article


You beat me too it, I didn't get a chance to check the Times-Herald Record online at 3am like I normally do in the morning on my work days.

Anyway, here is the article for all to read.

Outdoor Store To Setup Camp
wow........! according to the newspaper the new middletown, ny store will be there biggest store.......
120,000 sq ' complete with indoor archery range, atv sales/service
plus huntin/fishing.....use to order from them via mail
been to one store....was impressed
don't know if they will hurt locals.....dick's/ thruway/modells/ SA
time will tell........but competition is good for us....:D :D
I can't wait, it will put a hurt on Davis Sporting Goods as well as Dicks......
Signage is up, just a matter of time
Gander Mountain rocks. When it first opened last June, I was excited, but skeptical. It took me a couple visits to get accustomed to it, and it has clearly become the best place to shop for general tackle in the Buffalo area. Galyan's is good at 2nd, and Dick's a distant 3rd (yet still not without it's advantages, though). Largest selection of reels and terminal tackle around, at the lowest prices. Gander also offers a bit more on the personal level, and they are listening to what customers want and implementing products which they are asking for. And not that most of us really need a lot of help in knowing what we want to buy, but there is always plenty of help from fairly experienced to highly skilled anglers. At least at the Buffalo store. :)

There are items that I will still need to go to the other retailers for, but Gander has definitely risen as the cream-of-the-crop around here, in my opinion.

Tight Lines...
Gander Mt. Middletown

Let April come. it will be a welcome site to have a decent tackle store nearby!!!!!

BTW I'm bak Guys after my puter took a hit...

NOW in Florida NY vs. Warwick, NY

Tight Lines.. Ken
good to see you back on here Ken! should be a great season once the weather lets us get going!!!
Thanks John...

now if it would STOP snowing that would be a plus!

Flounder will be running soon, Trout season is right around the corner, LMB, Blues and Stripers to follow... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hooooooooooooooo

I'm getting the "ITCH" real bad!!!!!

time to take apart the reals, het them greased, New line, check the guides, sort through the tackle boxes and make sure every thing is in order and replace what needs replacing and sharpen the hooks!!!!

Tight lines soon.... Ken
Benj, did you get an offline msg from me?

Tight lines.. Ken
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