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Full Moon and Cold Weather

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With this full moon and recently arrived cold weather, I do not even know if I should bother fishing the weekend. Was thinking of hitting Welch tomorrow, but the conditions and the wife may prevent me from doing so!!!!
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Tell me about it

What a difference a week makes. I actually took a three day weekend last week to take advantage of Indian Summer and came out OK. :D This week my plans are more of the chopping wood variety. :( The inflatable boat has likely seen its last trip for the season, as the water will soon be too cold for it.

That said, I am debating hitting a local stream or two this weekend with gloves on and/or a heat pack in my sweatshirt pocket. I am just finding it hard to give up casting for the year. Between the weather and the dwindling daylight, this time of year is a bummer.:(
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