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As you can probably see from a few of my past posts, I am clearing out some bass tackle and have been offering some of my backup stuff for sale.

I have for sale the following:

St. Croix Avid AVS63MXF Spinning Rod: This rod is in excellent condition. Cork is great and just a little dirty from occasional use. Probably only been on the water 15 times...I can even gently clean the cork to make it look basically brand new. $110 shipped.

St. Croix Avid AVC62MXF Casting Rod: Rod is in good condition. Cork is in good condition and it looks like there was some sloppy glue work on the 3rd guide from the top. I will sell this rod for $75 shipped.

Both rods can be had for $175 shipped. That is basically the price of either of these rods new. Please PM me if interested. Thank you!
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