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Helping out a friend of mine by listing his excellent condition Shimano Curado 200B and his St. Croix Premier Crankbait series rod.

Here are the details:

1. Excellent condition Shimano Curado 200B (only a few light scuffs)
I believe the reel is 6.2:1 but it may be 5.1:1 (I will check later on)
Retail was $129.99. Asking $85 shipped OBO for the reel (I will even spool with 12lb. mono if you would like as I have some extra)

2. St. Croix Premier Crankbait Series Casting Rod (PC70MHM)
7'0" in length: Medium Heavy, 10-20 lb. test, 3/8 -1oz.
Rod is lightly used but in good condition (all guides are fine, cork is a little dirty but that can be easily cleaned with soap/water)
Retail was $129.99. Asking $85 shipped for the rod (shipping alone with a tube will be over $20!)

If the buyer chooses to buy both, he said I could lower the price to $160 OBO shipped. This would make an excellent crankbait, jerkbait, early-season rod, and would also serve nicely for rattletraps or even spinnerbaits. It is a graphite crankbait rod, and actually feels very nice and balanced with the Curado on it.

If interested, please PM me and I will talk to him regarding prices/offers. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Pictures available upon request.
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