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forge river?

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was driving out for thanksgiving to manorville and decided to get off at william flloyd exit to look at the river i always see going there. its south the South Haven Park. ii saw a canoe rental there that i will try next year but when i kept going east on montauk highway after that i saw forge river. i know there are alot of posts on here about this but i saw one that also referred to peconic zones in it. anyways how can i fish these lakes (only canoe rental?) just moved to suffolk so these lake are all new. newsday had a a pullout on rivers a coulple months ago and forge river isnt on it. any info on this river would be great for me
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Inside Southaven Park (Hards Lake) they have boat rentals pretty cheap.

South of Sunrise canoe and kayak rental from the canoe shop or you can use the DEC launch pretty long walk with anything other than a canoe, kayak or inflatable....

nice trout south of Sunrise Hwy...

I used to drop my boat from the bridge on Mtk Hwy... rather steep but better than the walk...

By the's Carmen's River...not Forge...
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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