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Float Tubing

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I just realized that I didn't try my new float tube this year and I don't have many more days left...Anyone have a good local water that they would recommend to investigate with a tube?...Even if it is scandalous, I'll give it a try...

Mark D
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60 degrees brrrrr...........

Hope you have a wet suit.

Fish Hard - stay warm
Long johns and 3 to 5mm neoprene waders should keep you warm. Always wanted to try tubing.
Its fun and you can get into places you never thought possible.
Sounds a lot like sex:D
My float tube doesn't fit in bed. Even though I have a king sized bed. It is a bit bulky. She doesn't mind though.
Come on guys...

Get your mind off the cold and other things... How about a body of water he can try it on?

Mark (basseraci),

I have a pontoon style float tube. Lots of fun, good exercise, and there are advantages to it. You can get it into any body of water you can get it next to, and your profile is low to the water, so it's good stealthy fishing, I have snuck up on fish that would have been spooked by a boat.

That said, I have only used it during the warm weather. Nice to fish and "swim" at the same time. But, if you're willing to brave the cold in waders, and are willing to drive a little, I have used mine on White Pond in Putnam County. There are some decent bass in this lake, some pics, and the walleyes they stocked a few years ago are now 18-20". Other than that, you're a bit limited by regs. Certainly not allowed on the NYC reservoirs, or in Harriman. Canopus Lake in Fahnestock State Park would be a fun lake to use it on, but I'm not sure the regs allow it. Ditto for FDR park (Mohansic Lake). I know some other lakes in Dutchess County you could use it on, but we're talking a longer drive. I've also heard there are some great spots on Long Island, but have never ventured down there with it.

Let us know if you try it.:D
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Mark, if you want to bring out to LI, I'll set you up next season with a spot or two.
Sounds good Craig...

Talk to ya this afternoon about the baits...

Thanks Papa...

I have been gathering some info on my own as well as other recommendations here via PMs, I now have a few places to try...You're right about the weather...I saw a frost this morning and it looked cold out there on the waters i passed on my way to work...Might just wet my feet this season and hold off til next season to really work at it...

Thanks Guys

Mark D
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Let me if you you ever want to do a little tubing as I rarely use mine.
We can get out and look like two terds in a swimming pool !!!
Yeah, Wampus...Good idea...

But, I had plans to fish it last season from the tube and when i got there, a DEC car was in the lot...I didn't have any kind of a permit and didn't want to waste time incriminating myself with the officer ...I didn't even ask for details, I just turned around and went to my boat on Kensico...But that is precisely the "vein of scandalism" I am looking for now...


Mark D

Please resend the second pm. I emptied my box.

Float Tube

Hint: Go south for warmer weather and water.

Floated 13.5 hours yesterday and in one streach noticed what appeared to be a body, but upon closer examination, it was an interesting float tube - an adult blow up doll.

I've seen allot of interesting stuff on the river, but never an adult blow up toy.

Oh, 'she' looked like she was ready for action.
Did you keep her? LOL
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