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Hi all, hope you’re all doing okey.
took some time off recently to fish the reservoirs, started last Friday and Saturday with Ashokan, caught 8 browns with a local buddy there, water temp was low 40 degrees. Best one was around 4 lbs and got him from 70 ft, which is kinda deep for reservoirs! Later went to Rondout reservoir and caught 3 good sized lake trouts.

Sunday went to Pepacton reservoir, beautiful reservoir, by the time I took my boat out it started raining, wasn’t there too long after, caught 2 healthy browns, Pepacton is the only reservoir that has two trout limit with only one being over 21 inches.

Monday went to Croton falls reservoir while coming back to the city, water was calm, temp 48 degrees. Saw a lot of action under 25-30ft. Caught one trout and a bass.

Overall it isn’t bad water temp is still too low for trout to be super active I think. In next couple of weeks it should slowly pick up.
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