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Fished Stick Marsh/Orlando Info

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Fished half a day with Hugh Crumpler this past Monday (the 8th) on Stick Marsh 13.

You guys had snow, we just had to deal with the cold front that came through.

We definitely got the better part of the equation.

We had been planning on using plastics.

But due to the weather, at Hugh’s suggestion we switched to "live bait".

Since I had a limited opportunity to be out on the water and this was vacation I agreed.

Ended up with about 18 bass in four hours.

Smallest was about 2# and the largest in the 6# range.

All but one fish were very healthy and active.

We found a spot near one of the spillways that held fish and basically did not have to move very far from here over the course of the morning.

Had a really good time with Hugh.

Next time I’d like to fish for a whole day, use plastics and see more of the lake.

But when your catching fish, you get caught up in the moment and don’t want to change a thing.

Thanks Hugh!!

Some Orlando stuff:

I didn’t realize that Stick marsh 13 was about 1-3/4 hour drive from Orlando (not a big deal, but I was surprised).

Spent a few hours wandering around BPS in Orlando.

Only spent $31!!!! Picked up a few tubes in some colors that I’m not used to seeing as well as a bunch of slider heads. (my club is planning a road trip to Baltimore mid January and I’m hoping that Santa brings me some BPS gift certificates).

I did not get a chance to investigate this further, but according to this link from the Florida Division of Fresh Water Fisheries there is a lake near Universal/BPS called Turkey Lake (339 acres). The City of Orlando has made arrangements with BPS to make available some fully equipped Trackers for $15 per day to rent. According to what I read they only let 5 boats on the lake at a time and it’s Thursday – Sunday 6:30 AM – 11 AM. I would imagine that you’d have to reserve pretty far in advance. It lists two phone numbers (407) 299-1248 and (407) 299-5581. Anyone ever try this???

Thanks, Fish-Eye…..<*))}}}}>><{{
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Mitch, thanks for sharing about this Florida thingy at Stick Marsh!!!!!!
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