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Fished Forge Saturday

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Went out with Mike K (Animal) on Saturday 7 - 11. Water levels are normal for this time of year. River was barely moving at the top. Plenty of live weed growth.

We went under the expressway but couldnt get Mikes Barge through the groove. (Saw next time)

Fishing was slow. We each had a bass on a jig (by the tracks in 2 feet of water and off the bulk head above the DEC Launch on the right side of the river) and Mike pick up a fish on a pumpkin seed senko (just above the DEC Launch). Kinda slow. Mike stayed on the lake after I left don't know if the fishing picked up.

Anyone else got any reports from forge? I saw a half dozen boats there on Sunday.

Looking forward to Ronko tommorow!
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We went under the expressway but couldnt get Mikes Barge through the groove. (Saw next time)

Chanceman- Please consider another means of fishing that section of the river. I have seen the "trimming" of the trees on the Peconic this year and some of the trees look like, Sgt. Slaughter!
hey chris,

i went to zone 1 on sunday afternoon. great day, lousy fishing. i got no bass. got 3 small pickerel and then got a big pickerel (a fat 24+ inch one) on my mini-ultralite. lots of fun, great fight. got them all on bright green 3" senkos. no bass, though.
Chance said:

Looking forward to Ronko tommorow!


& I don't wanna hear a Muskie story,That ya almost caught:D :D
Ronk? know...dont have to say anything....:cussing: :cussing:

ronk blows!.....LOL.....
Joe...see what happens when you throw Senkos in my presence. Now you are jinxed for life! LOL!
me, jinxed? about my boat...cant believe I had the anti senko on it....

sorry huge....I wont be talking to you for sometime......stay way from me.... :p

Joe...sounds like a good excuse to get a brand brand new boat. I have contaminated it with my Anti Senkoness.
well ronk was good to me today. 1 bass 2.7lbs on digital scale(hand held) and a tigermusky sighting.:p . the dame thing looked about 10lbs.
ALl I got on ronko was cold and damp! Not even a bump.
Hey must be the Curse of the Huge-bino. I've had John out with me a time or two and Senkos still work on my boat. Maybe you should try some LIVE BAIT!
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