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Finally made it to Galyon's

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This is quite an impressive store with a very ample supply of lures and baits. I spent about $60.00 on some stuff that I didn't really need but bought it any way. Then I spent almost 1/2 hour on a check out line with only 2 people in front of me due to the inept idiots that were working the registers. If they were any slower they would have been considered dead!

They are still putting items out on the shelves but the one thing I did notice is that they did not have any

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One it worth a 1+hr drive...was supposed to go yesterday...didn't pan out...
How far out on the Island are you that it would take you an hour plus? Put it this makes the Sports Authority pale by comparison. They also have thier own brand of rods that were reasonably priced and seemed pretty well made. I would go just to check it out.
Matt, I'm looking to check it out soon, If you want to go, give me a shout....maybe Sunday morning
I was there on Sunday . Nice place !!!!!! Definately blows away Sports authority. Still have to get to Cabelas or Bass Pro , but will back there again soon.
It`s actually closer to my house than Dick`s in Poughkeepsie.

What time were you there on was I. I met Steve P wandering about the fishing section as he recognized my ugly puss from the site. LOL
earthworm77 said:
Matt, I'm looking to check it out soon, If you want to go, give me a shout....maybe Sunday morning
If I got nothing going on I'm in...
most likely, everytime one goes to this store, you'll meet an NYBASS keep an eye for them

unbelievable!!! :beerchug:
Leigh - I was in the fishing dept. at 12:00 , then again at about 130. In between , I had to do the mandatory mall walkthru with my wife. !!!!!

Should have worn my NYBASS jacket or hat.


The Coolest outdoor store - or that's what they say.

As far as fishing, Galyans IMHO, Galyans rock. They are better than a Sports Authority, Dicks, or local Wally World, but not quite a BPS or Cabellas by a long shot.

But for the waiting in line, atleast in the NoVA store, the cash register attendants are 100% eye candy!:D and worth the extra time for their air-headedness. ;- ()
Where is the store?

I heard one is going up in NJ....thanks...Mark

It's down in Woodbridge Center.

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