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Now, I now everyone's favorite site is NYBASS.COM, but there are other informational sites out there, and I was wondering what are some personal favorites.

Here are a few of mine: - covers everything that is professional bass fishing, daily updates - a bunch of good articles, they were updating them constistantly, but that has tapered off. easy to use aerial photos Noel's site advertises all open tourneys for WNY, and that's just for starters

Rob J in WNY- RobJ's site, some great articles and photos

Aquatic Plants- given to me by a NYBASS member a while back, a great site for naming that green stuff

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Here goes:

Dan Blanton fly fishing board- primarily saltwater flyfishing; not a lot of traffic, but decent people

SOL- fishing; anything and everything.....bring your A game to the Town Tavern

NCBF- western bass fishing at its finest, techniques and baits that are years ahead of the east coast-great people

BFHP- simply the best bass fishing site on the net - "no holds barred" on this site...been aging wonderfully almost 8 years now.

NYBASS - it is what it is

Bronzeback - every once in a while mr jig or Travis comes up with a gem

River smallies - same as bronzeback

My Favorites

Bassinusa(Some familiar names on the Pro-Staff)


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I have a few

Of course NYBass but, - A very nice site with forums similar to NYBass, covers many aspects of freshwater and saltwater fishing. - Delaware River Recreation Page - Fishing, Camping, Canoeing and boating: a small site, some info on the river. - North American Fishing Club Website - a members only website

PA. Fish and Boat Commision website - -Great site on fishing in PA, with maps, lake surveys as well as the state fishing laws, you also can get resident and non-resident licenses online.
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