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i am looking for some recipes for trout. rainbow trout. farm raised kind.. i didn't raid the creek. these guys are about a pound a piece.

any suggestions on how to plate them.

i have some good stuff, but looking for different ideas.
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Butter and ginger

When I was a kid, we used to fish a pay (put-and-take) lake that was stocked with good eating sized rainbows. We cooked them lots of different ways. I don't remember an exact recipe, but one of the more memorable was to gut them and fill the cavity with butter and ginger. Then grill them. Of course use a basket or wrap in foil or they could flake and fall through the grate. It was yummy! :beerchug:

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Smoke 'em over Cherry wood alone no spices.(Easy to do even w/ no smoker)
Serve as an Appetizer accompanied by some Gruyere cheese or smoked Gouda,fresh grapes and apple wedges with expensive crackers;) :D ...><>...HS

No Love and Kisses but how 'bout a Big Hug and Punch in the arm!!!

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pass me a bud!

i hear ya
went with a seasoned breading get up for the kiddies
and baked with lots of STUFF in foil wrap for the adults.

i am waiting for the rice and goodies to catch up to my cooking time for the fish. then the fish will go in.

we had to dress the fish down for the kiddies. no heads and such.

--- robbie

thanks for the tips. paul i'd love to try the smoked trout and or slamon!!

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zachary actually ate trout????
he won't even eat chicken.

went over well. we don't get freshwater fish at home usually. they are used to fluke and flounder, and the assorted other salts. this was a first for them.

great night at home w the kids.
back to toy story and toy story II.

love and kisses

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OK, I'll play.

Yep I eat 'em.

Never ate a bass out of my waters, but trout are for this meat-hog.

Couple ways to cook.

If you're good w/ a fillet knife, filet them. Soak the fillets in milk for atleast 1/2 hour to remove gaminess. Prepare a thick mixture of bisquick, season salt, pepper and beer. Preheat frying pan w/ a small amount of oil. Dip fillets in batter and fry to golden brown.


Next, cavitate the fish, keeping on the heads (add's in creating the right look on the plate).

Add a small dab of butter, lemon and onion/scallion to the cavity and fry or bake.

When done, take a knife and slice the back (top of fish?) from head to fin. Then carefully, slice right below the gills and the tail. Gently lift the tail leaving the fillet on plate. Flip fish and repeat on other side.


Cook the fish exactly as above with no seasons (maybe a dab of salt and pepper, but not much). Remove meat as above.

Slice into pieces and sprinkle on salad. Works great with the pink meat trout!!

And with the leftovers from the last two receipes:

Slice into pieces and add to an omlete with cheese of choice.

God I'm hungry now.

Oh, don't forget to enjoy a :beerchug: of your choice with the dinners.
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