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What can I say I had a great season fishing with some great anglers.
Smith mountain and incredible fishery, reminds me of Kerr Reservoir. This place had all three stages going on post, pre and spawn. So what do I do with no practice well fish my strength and catch four fish the first day and broke one off. Day two catch another four fish and sit on a 2lber for about 15mins thanks to my boater helping me out, but I could not get her to bite. Day three more help from my boater and I catch my five but I lose a three pounder at the boat and I have a 12 incher in the well errr. Well weighin time and I miss winning the tournament by 1.02lbs end up in second.
Second tournament of the season Potomac river. Well what can I say it's the Potomac it's never easy there. Day one I catch my five fish and doing okay. Day two I end up with four fish and could not find my fifth. So I weighin and after everything I miss the top ten cut by virtual tie breaker.
Third tournament lake Champlain. Day one we fish Plattsburgh and it was a tough day I end up losing a three pound smallie and man did that hurt. I end up with 9+ pounds and all the way down the list. Day two I draw Brian Schmitt and once again fishing Plattsburgh which I have never done, I've only fish TI and know it but Plattsburgh is a different animal. I looked at the clock and it was about 1030 and I knew I had to make a change with only one fish in the boat and that's what I did. I picked up some small craw to throw since the day before I picked up my last smallmouth and it had three small craws sticking out of its mouth. Well what a change that was I end up catching fish left and right and weighing in almost 17+ pounds and shooting me up to 11th place just missing the cut again by ounces. But that put me in first for the year in the standings.
Fourth tournament Chesapeake bay.
Day one fish in north east and end up catching four fish and could not find my fifth fish. With that said I sit in 9th place but sitting in first is the guy sitting 14 points behind me and the guy just ahead of me is the guy sitting 7 points behind me yikes. Day two comes and I catch three fish but one of the fish weighs 4.11lbs and gives me a total of 8lbs matching my first day weight and puts me in 7th place and finding out that the guy that was 7points behind missed the cut was a great feeling cause I knew I had won CO-Angler of the year and that's what I wanted to accomplish what a year and what an experiences. Anyway I end up in 7th place in what I thought was a tough tournament.
Now if your read carefully all the tournaments there was something preventing me from either winning it or making the final cut.
But with all this said I had a great season and learned a lot.
Now I'm off to the Forrest Wood Cup and a shot at 50k. I'm excited and can't wait to fish it.
Thanks for reading...
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