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Thanks to all who attended yeasterday. Pual Ritchie from Atlantic Bassmasters walked out with the goods as he snagged a new Garcia Rod. Nice to see all the club members and family's at J&R's.

Congrats to the following members who won the following awards:

Mike D/Tom L Win at Forge
Scott/Frank win at Hither Hills
Craig/Tom win at Maratooka
Craig/Rob win at Upper Mills
Craig/Rob win at Swan
Craig/Rob win at Forge
Joe/Mike K win at Hither Hills
Craig/Rob win at Upper Mills
Craig/Jim Win at West Lake
Craig/Paul Ritchie win at Forge for the Tom Aylward Memorial
Classic Champs-Joe/Mike K

Rookie of the Year-Tom L
Iron Man-Scott C
Mr. Bass-Craig D
Citizen of the Year-Frank P
Most Improved Angler-Joe A
Team Anglers of the Year- Rob Fisher and Craig DeFronzo
Club MVP-Craig DeFronzo

Thanks again for a good season guys. As a small club, we came together when we needed to. You are all a great bunch of guys and I'd like to thank you for the MVP trophy. It means so much to me that you guys recognize the hard work that is put in to the club. I thank you again! Thanks to Barry and Frank for organizing the dinner which was a great time!

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I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks to all the members of ESBA for having me at their awards dinner,It was a great night out with a fun bunch of folks and freaks;) :D
A fat porterhouse with all the "Brown sodas" you could handle all on the club!!Awesome!!
Lets get the "Church" group back together for this winter at RO...><>...HS

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no doubt craig you earned it!... you've put in the serious time to the ESBA and deserve the honor.. congrats!

as president, i thank everyone for supporting the club and contributing to making this year a successful one... i'd also like to congratulate frank for being elected new president.... the awards dinner was oustanding and i highly recommend J&R's Steakhouse in Stonybrook as a place to host your event... barry and frank came through big on that one!!!..way to go!...the food was very good and cheap and we kept an open bar thru the 4pm football games... sweet!... everyone left with raffle stuff and feeling good about the club... i'm looking forward to 2004!... nice to see yar and paul from ronkonkoma there... also thanks to all the ladies for supporting the club... hooked solid and theole34 made the trip, always great to see paulie and robbie... ESBA! ESBA!

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paul - church will be in session soon. rev Frank presiding. alter boys nick and scott. the choir practice begins immediately.

the dinner was great! a great club you have lads. everyone walked away with awards... even scott.

nice trophies.. family atmosphere.. brown sodas.

i really think this club has built a foundation. there is a solid base for a club to grow on now. frank will be great as the head for the year to come and mike d did a wonderful job. craig did a great job picking the lakes, and keeping the txs clean. rob abd barry helped to keep it smooth too. great jobs boys.

i belv you are in need of a Jr division for the "littles" that were running around.


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i want to thank all of the E.S.B.A members for inviting me. i had a great time. JR's is a great steak house. loved my 32oz porterhouse. your club has come a long way since last year. keep up the good job and ESBA can only get better. hopefully i will be able to fish with some of you guys next year, that i haven't fished with yet. congrats to tom for getting angler of the year. and joe way to take most inproved angler. again thank's and good luck next year.

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brown guys were drinking root beer or chocolate egg creams?

LOL......congrats to Frank for being the new President......

who is the new tournament director? HAHAHAHA.....

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Question - What is the minimum age to join and fish ESBA? I am now 16 and will probally be joining L.I.B. this season now that I am able to. The age requirements limited me in the past to fish in most clubs. thanks - Pete

(I think I asked this question in the past but I can't find where I "filed" the answer)

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i'll throw my 2 cents in. it really was a fun awards meeting. i think we all had a great time. it was great beign with everyone. the brown soda was excellent! to all you who organized the even, (craig, barry, frank, hope i didn't leave anyone out)-great job guys, on the awards and everyone for a great season. next year should be even better. also, it was good to meet the other guys there-paul and ray.

today & tomorrw-may try my luck at canaan in the afternoon. it's supposed to be pretty warm. maybe even friday, too. gotta use those ikas i got at the awards dinner.
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