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electric heated clothing??

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With the cold weather coming up here's an idea that might interest some of you. A motorcycle enthusiast friend of mine told me about it (he says it's great) and it sure sounds like it would work on a boat too. here's a link>>>>electric suit

I haven't tried it yet but it sure sounds toasty!!:) Anybody ever heard of it or tried it?? The jacket liners run around 200 bucks as do the pants.
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how about just driving

Thats another thing Id like to see.....motorcycle guys slipping and sliding scraping their skins off their bodies in cold weather.

Motorcycles.....the jetskis of the expressways and parkways.....


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Thats another thing Id like to see.....motorcycle guys slipping and sliding scraping their skins off their bodies in cold weather.
what? are you kidding me joe. a handfull of Aholes forms your opinion on a whole group?? tell me you are not as shallow as swan pond. i'm disappointed in you.
kids on 2 wheels

unfortunately, thats what I see 99% on the LIE, especially in the summer.

Of course, not as a whole, Robbie. Just a few....say a hundred jackasses out of a million. Out of those hundred, one or two can cause an accident.

3 times this summer, I saw a guy doing wheelies on the LIE....

I agree with Joe 100%. I spent 6 years as a delivery in Boston and points North. I cant tell you the amount of bikers that would weave in and out of traffic or go down the breakdown lanes and than cut back into traffic or even the few that would go up on sidewalks. I have lost people in my life to Bike accidents some thier fault and some others most were not wearing any head protection. Jp lets not act so paranoid that we cant critical of anything because were afraid of other stuff that has happened,who made those changes at Candy? F&G or lakes Associations that pushed and were given into?
sorry I was late to get in on this thread, kind of missed the ball.....

the post was about electric clothing for motorcycle drivers being warm in colder weather....

as such, all comments should have been limited to questions about this specific gear....

Joe coming on and condemning all motorcycle riders was not relevant to the post....right or wrong.....

I am leaving his reply and the ones that followed, but PLEASE: if you continue to post in this thread, only make comments regarding JPs original posting of the clothing...

thank you!!!!
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Come on John,"as such all questions should have beeen limited to questions about this specific gear". I have always supported you in the past but come on threads almost always split and diverge sometimes nice sometimes not and IMHO this was not worthy of a warning.
back to the issue at hand

i have seen and tried a few 9v and 12v systems. the chaps and vest together can change a wintery ride for the better. systems that run off of the bikes electric work better than 9v battery systems. there are many different sets and research will get you the best.

Wow! Just think, one could be warm AND catching huge smallies on Erie.... I think I just found something I actually want for Christmas! I spent a small fortune on raingear from Cabelas last year so I will be dry, but warmth is another issue...Thanks for the link JP.
Phil, I'll catch you next phone call, no problem amigo!!!
Yes, but Robbie, Swan pond has crappie in it.
I have an electric helmet! Man, it is great on the lumpy and cold water! It even has an electric defroster so the visor stays clear. No more frozen ears! I love it. Check out a snowmobile shop...they should have them!

Seth V
Just the thought of wearing "Electric"Clothing in the rain makes me uncomfortable.
Just the thought of wearing "Electric"Clothing in the rain makes me uncomfortable.
they are designed for rain, but for open water???? falling into the drink w 12v hooked up?? i guess you would want a quick fuse!!

Theole34 said:
i guess you would want a quick fuse!!
Very quick or a very short wire connecting you to the boat.;)

Kinda brings of visions of that torture scene in the first Lethal Weapon with Mel, the Asian guy, and the jumper cables.:eek:

That's actually why I threw the question up here, to see if anyone had any bad experiences or otherwise with these garments. Kind of a lot of money to find out it doesn't work well with water.
I used to ride with a few friends back in the late 60's and I saw this happen so I know it's 100% true.
My buddy, Artie, was sort of a half a$$ed mad scientist and was ALWAYS trying out something or other. Late one fall he got the idea for an electric vest. He took the coils out of a heating pad and put them in a vest. If I remember correctly, it was a long time ago, he somehow bypassed the Zenor diode and hooked it up.
We left Woodside on Queens Blvd. heading south on his first test run with it. We were freezing and he had a BIG grin on his face. By the time we got to Rego Park, the smoke and flames were pouring out from under his leather jacket. I almost went down I was laughing so hard. To see him on the traffic island, struggeling to get them off and then stomp them out is a picture that is still fresh in my mind's eye.
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