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Eagle Claw

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I have always wanted to witness an eagle catching a fish like in the eagle claw comercials. Yesterday I was fishing when a big shadow caught my attention, an eagle, 200 feet from my boat, made a tight circle and lightly scimmed the water in a half hearted attempt at a fish. The water was like glass and the birds reflection would have been in a picture if I was quick with a camera. I was thrilled. I had never had an eagle fly so close. I got to thinking...the pond is just a day or two from icing over and the fishing must but getting tough for the big bird. Next smallie goes in the livewell just in case he should come back. An hour or so later, the eagle flys high over head toward the opposite shore; I see that is turning to head back my way so I jumped to the back of the boat, knock the bass and toss it into the water. That eagle came down, 20' feet away this time and snatched that bass. I will always remember the sound of its powerful wings. It was a truly neat deal.

The fish gods were not to upset with me as the fishing turned on after that.:)
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