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Drop Shot Kit

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This kit consists of an assortment of 2.75" Wicked tubes, 3" Salty Stinker SD worms, 4" finesse worms and Hookerz size 1 Octopus hooks and D/S weights. Everything you need to start catching fish that most guys are not targetting. $22.99 Shipped
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Earthy me boy call me at home one night this week I want to know more about this kit and I also want those damn Jigs!!!!!
The trip to Lake Huites is booked and I want to talk to you about that too!
772-871-1005 or Cell Phone me at 561-662-4418 or if you have Nextel my Direct connect # is 158*31*11815
John, sorry I've been lagging, I broke my hand and really can't build anything for a little while. I'll get the jigs to you when I can build 'em. Give me a ring 631 804 8971
I have a couple fact, they are on sale. Check out the For sale forum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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