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For those of you who have boats at boat area #6 on Titucus reservoir & boat area #32 on Croton Reservoir, this should be of interest to you. A few years ago a big wind storm played havoc with boat area #6 on Titicus. Many downed trees & crushed boats in this area. The main pathway down to the water was blocked by several fallen trees. After asking for this area to be cleaned up multiple times, I felt the only way to get it done was to meet the tree removal crew at Titicus this morning. It really wasn`t the DEP`s fault that it was not done sooner. So many trees were down that they had no idea where the original path was. I also asked them to clear off trees laying on or next to boats. They did & some of those boats are OK with minor damage. Others were/are crushed beyond repair. If you have a boat there, go check it out.
I then told the tree cutting crew that I was going over to area#32 at Croton Reservoir because a BIG tree had fallen blocking the main pathway to the water. Actually just the crown of the tree was blocking that pathway & I brought along hedge clippers to clean up the opening. They told me not to bother, but lead them to the site of the fallen tree. That I gladly did. Not only did they clean the path, but they took down the downed tree which was hanging at a 45` angle. Sort of a widow maker so to speak. These guys were great. I couldn`t thank them enough for their efforts.
What I would ask of anybody reading this, if you see a fallen tree problem, especially a dangerous problem, please call MIKE at the Mahopac DEP(914 232-1309) & he will get the tree cleaning crew over there.

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Any chance they willing to clip a few trees into the water? I have cash and a map/GPS locations for them!! LOL!!!

Nice job Marty.... amazing they are willing to go in and clean that stuff up considering the reservoir baot areas aren't necessarily a priority.

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