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I just went to BassCam on & saw my buddy Dick Garlock on BassCam. Dick is driving one of the Camera boats, & they did a quick interview with him calling him a" LEGEND", which he is. Only trouble is they called him Dick Garland.(some legend, they don`t even know his name):laugh:
Well, at least they get half credit on the miss-naming. Can`t wait to see the 3:15 weigh in. 25 lb bags left & right say so many.
you all are in for a surprise. Maybe 1 - 25 lb bag today, but they will get smaller each day. The BIGGEST bag will come from Lake Ontario where you have the biggest fish. The second biggest bag would come from my 6 lb Smallmouth spot, which nobody knows about.(maybe) Supposedly, nobody is fishing Largemouth. Smart people these Elites.
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