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Deep Bass Blues:

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I have read these Threads throughout this past season with growing certainty that I am missing the vast majority of fish as they move to their summer patterns. i.e.: to deeper water. I cut my bassfishing teeth on shallow water, that which is 8-10' or less, and have had spotty success. This year my shallow prejudice came home to roost...My numbers were WAY down, as was the quality of the fish that I caught.

I thought I would start this Thread and ask for your tips on finding and fishing in water that is deeper....I read over and over again that our members are tubing in 20-30' etc....I have no idea whatsoever as to what I should be looking for as far as bottom goes, or contour, and how to present to fish in those areas. How does one find them? How in the world do you go about fishing deep when there is a persistent wind? How are you confident that your bait is even holding the bottom?

It occurs to me that I have NEVER caught a fish in that much water. It occurs to me equally that I've never really tried, sticking instead to weedbeds I can see, etc....

I predominantly fish at Saratoga Lake, and I do have quality electronics ( though, apparently no clue how to use them).

Please help me get off the schneid.


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on titicus by the dam there are massive's also 80-90 feet deep by the dam.obviously there have to be drops along the way.when the weeds are full bloom you can see spots in between of clear channels.these are deeper.i start there.then i work out towards the john says a map and sonar help,but i have done it without.i used a texas rigged worm a lot in 25 feet and dragged it slow this caught many quality fish for me.before i learned this i would have a rough time in the summer catching fish.on windy days you obviously need to use more weight.i try to get away with the lightest weight possible that i can still feel.spoon jigging and blade baiting also work good in deep water.these are both things i learned from other n.y.bass members.hughfish has had much success on crankbaits all year long in deeper water. a crankbait is great to tell you where the weeds stop and the bottom begins.:beerchug:
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