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Today’s low winds allowed the opportunity to fish one of the bigger waters. Water temps hovered in the mid 70’s throughout the day, but more importantly, water clarity had improved considerably (best I’ve seen all summer).

Things got off to a slow start. Pitching jigs and plastics to weed pockets and weed edges only produced one fish. The more productive pattern (of this summer) utilizing crankbaits and swimbaits fished parallel to weed edges and over weed flats produced only two small fish.

Things eventually turned around while targeting shallow/dense weeds with spinnerbaits (Terminator T-1). This pattern proved to be productive throughout the day but only in select parts of the lake.

Moving away from weeds and focusing on steeper rocky banks with deep diving crankbaits (Lucky Craft Flat CB D20 & SPRO Little John DD) proved to be the next (and best) pattern of the day.

Overall it turned out to be a pretty good day as 19 Bass (LM & SM) were boated along with a few decent fish.

Thanks for looking.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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