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Daylight savings sucks...

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Today is the first day that I left the house without a rod and reel.
I would usually stop somewhere on my way home from work and fish for an hour or so before walking in the door. It was my own little method of meditation before walking into a house full of kids.
Now that the sun sets at 5:30 my fishing time is over. I'm lost without it.

Not sure if this post should go under tactics or other topics. If I made the mistake I apologize in advance.

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Pugs, Buy a flashlight & go fish.

Bass Rat,
My wife said the same thing.
Then she said maybe I shouldn't on account the frogs might get me. I've had some bad experiences...
you can leave early and get the morning bite ;)
Get a couple of headlights

IF the frogs don't get you then the kids will!

Get the light, get a lantern, Go fishing !
Bad experience with Frogs? LMAO
Nick, beats those bad gerbil experiences! LOL
I hate driving home from Work in the dark.....makes me feel as though I have worked into the night......

Pugs, hang in there, best suggestion is as they said to maybe try earlier in the AM, however, right now, best fishing is often at end of the day......
Think it bad now wait till the lakes freeze!

Going to work when it's dark and coming home when it's dark <b>SUCKS</b>
Yes, the end of Daylight Savings Time does suck. Like Pugs said, no more afterwork fishing, even if its just a dozen casts from shore at some nice, on-the-way pond.

At least I'm not waking up in the dark, though. It's not much of a consolation, but at least it's something...

When I grew up in Arizona, we had no Daylight Savings Time. Probably because in the major cities of Phoenix and Tucson (where I grew up), no one wants it to be 105 degrees at 10:00pm. Anyhow, the longest day had the sun setting at about 7:45pm. No twilight bassin' at 10:00pm out there like we can do here in New York State. :)

I really like Daylight Savings Time, myself. I miss it when it we go back to Standard Time, and love it when it returns. :yes:

Tight Lines...

is all I got to say!

Last couple floats got me in way after dark.

One of those lamps that fit on your head is the trick, especially in a yak or canoe.

Makes re-tieing a heck of allot easier, but still doesn't help much w/ the class 1 or 2 rapids after dark.
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