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David W.

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What happened to that jackass? One inning and out??? Another bout of gout? Jesus!
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You noticed something suspicious too? Why is Giambi not playing? Sorriano, well I can see he forgot how to hit but Giambi out? Hell, I'd put him at second to replace Sorriano.
I hate to admit it, but right now I do not have much faith in the least for this game. What were the reasons that Giambi and Soriano ain't playing. What is the Wells story? What gives???? Who the Hell is this guy pitching for the pinstripes now. As I type that...he gives up a hit. Again....Jesus!!!
I guess my bad feelings have merit. 6-1. :cussing:
Not a clue about Wells but Giambi told Torre his knee was bothering him and Sori is striking out close to 50% of the time.
Sori is pretty Sorry during the playoffs. What does he have 26 strikeouts or something? I don't think the lead off hitter for the Marlins struck out that many times all season! LOL! Hopefully, the Yankees are just trying to save the dramatics for the Bronx!! he has 26 strikeouts!!!!:cussing:
By the way. I know Bernie has a great record in the post season, but can this guy take a pitch for crying out loud? Bases loaded, two outs, down by four, he swings at the F'n first pitch.:rolleyes:
back spasms did in wells... that guy was overdue for a breakdown... the fact that he's still pitching in his condtion is amazing:rolleyes:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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