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Croton or Croton Falls?

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Looking to get out this sat with my fishing buddy on either Croton or Croton Falls. Its been 1 1/2 months since our last outing due to family and work commitments. This is our first year on the reservoirs so we really do not know which is the better fall lake. We fished CF about 7 times this year and Croton only 2 times. We feel we know CF a little bit better than we know Croton, so we are inclined to get out on CF. However, the weather maybe a little crappy on Sat and its tough to fish CF on a windy day. I think Croton is alot more protected from the elements. We keep our boat in area 21 on Croton and have yet to really learn the area. I thought maybe one of the Res dogs could shed some light.


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I've had my boat on area #20 for the past 5 years. I've fished every section of Croton over the years but this is one of the best areas to fish in the spring. Give the area a chance before you decide to move your boat.

However, it's not the most productive area in the fall. The best fall bassin' on Croton is the Hunter Brook section mainly because of the depth and structure it provides.

I would definitely recommend that you fish Croton Falls this weekend.

Good luck......

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Yes, we need to hook up in the spring....I'm from Sunnyside.

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