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New in box:
1 Excal. Fat free Shad Shallow Craw
1 Heddon G-Finish Torpedo Shad
1 Tsunami TS popper Clown
1 Jitterbug Black
1 Ugly Duckling 5 DOR floating minnow perch

New(no box)
1 Excal. Fat Free Shad Deep Diver Craw
1 Lucky Craft Flash Minnow perch
1 Rapala Skitter Pop Firetiger
1 Excal. Spit N Image
1 Owner Cultiva minnow gold shiner
1 Tsunami Sammy replica chrome black back
XPS minnows 4"
1 brown trout
1 shad
1 rainbow trout
XPS minnows 3"
1 brown trout
1 clown
1 bar minnow
1 Lav. shiner
1 gold org. belly blk back

used baits
teeny torpedo chrome blk
wooden popper unknown origin...homemade maybe
TS popper shad
torpedo gold
2 Rapala 5F Gold
bomber tiny A firetiger
yo zuri minnow purple shad
yo zuri pins minnow purple chrome
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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