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Craig...A Hookerz question....

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You shared a few Hookerz hooks with me when I met you this past summer at Forge which I was duly impressed with.

You told me so, and from veiwing the Hookerz site, I see that they offer a EWG style hook marketed by them.

How does their sizing compare to the EWG by the "G" company...Close, bigger a bit, or smaller a bit?
Please advise...I want to order some, but I have found in the past with other brands, hook size from company to company is not always the same. Is there anywhere on LI that sells them where I could physically see them to compare sizes?? To me, they look like great hooks at a bargain price, almost 1/2 the price of "G" hooks.
You input is greatly appreciated....

Oh yeah, and what was that RED offset-shank hook with the odd shaped bends??
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repost for gregg

Craig: were they at Scul's little sell-a-thon thingy last year?

It's called a swap shop and yes they were there!
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