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Conesus Lake State Launch

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I am just wondering if anyone has any info on what is happening at the Conesus Lake State Ramp. Avon Anglers announced yesterday that some sort of "construction" is going to happen there, and they might have to relocate next weeks tournament (and/or the next after that to) becasue of this. The way they made it sound, this wasn't just the routine dredging, but something more major.

Just curious, as it might affect the rest of the season for many anglers in this area.
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HA! Good call, Noel. Maybe they're gonna do something about this (remember this?):
Hey Rob!

I don't remember signing any type of release allowing you to post a picture of my feet on the internet.

I'm going to get me one of them high priced Hollywood lawyers.


I just hear today that they are "supposedly" tearing out those concrete piers that the docks attach to. Don't quote me on it and I'm not sure what exactly the plan is.

If we can't fish Conesus any more this season, that'll really bite!!:cussing:

C'ya on the water,
I can think of a couple improvements they can make to the launch, but that isn't one of them.

First, I would dredge the ramp area really good so we can get out to deeper water without worry of scrubbing bottom with the hull. Either that, or start draining the lake to "winter pool" a little later in the season so it isn't this shallow this early.

Second, I would pave the parking lot to get rid of the mud on wet days, and pot holes on all days.

Now, if they are revamping the dock mounts to alllow for some sort of year round permanent docks, I'll be all for that!!!

I got an email from a local resident of that area, and he said he drove by today and saw NO SIGN of any construction type equipment or signs stating any construction might take place.

Will keep informed if I hear anything more...
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Nothing has changed yet. Not sure what the Avon guys were talking about, but I will keep an eye on it.

Seth V
I got this email from a buddy of mine today:

"I went to the Avon Angler's meeting tonight and was told that Saturday's Tournament is still on.

Ken McGee said that the State of New York told him that "no construction" will start on the Boat Launch until the end of November. "

Still doesn't say what they are doing, but it doesn't look like it will impact the rest of Avon's tournaments anyway. It may, however, impact my Last Cast tournament the last Sunday of November. Time will tell.....
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