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Conesus Lake being it's usual self

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Meg and I teamed up for York Bass Club's last tournament of the season, which was on Conesus Lake on Sunday the 26th. Only 5 boats showed up for this one though.

It was a nice morning, and we started in a spot up north. Wind was VERY light out of the south. We worked that area thouroughly dragging tubes for smallies, and Meg finally caught a nice 2 pounder. One more drift and I got another squeaker that went into the well. I made the decision to move, those fish weren't what we were after!!

We moved to an area down south traditionally to be a good area of mine. By the time we got there, the wind picked up nicely straight out of the south. It was capping pretty good for awhile, perfect!! We made one very long drift through my entire stretch (nearly a mile long) and by the time we got to the end, we had our limit and 12-13 pounds or so.

On the second drift though the area, it started out slower, making me wonder if we got all the "willing" fish on the first drift. then all of a sudden another good whack, and a good 3 pound plus cull fish came into the boat. A short time after that, another good bite, but the fight was different, very different. This was not a smallie, but maybe a northern?? No, a good largemouth!!! We got into into the boat, and guesstimated it to be near 5 pounds. Ahh, the kicker we needed!! Who says you can't catch largemouth dragging tubes :D

On the next drift Meg catches her second fish of the day, but I do believe it was our largest smallie at 3 3/4 pounds or so, and another excellent upgrade!!

After that we each caught another one or two fish, and the wind died down just before it switched directions. From then on the bite was non-existant.

At the scales we weighed 17.68 pounds, and the greenie weighed 4.88. As it turned out, that was only good for 3rd out of the 5 teams. First had 18.3 pounds (one 5.12 largemouth for lunker and four smallies) and second was 18.1 pounds (four largemouth and 1 smallie). 4th place was still in the upper 16's, but the 5th team did not weigh.

Thanks Meg for being a great partner on the water!

What an awesome weekend!! 2 consecutive days on two different bodies of water (Erie on Saturday) and have the limits each day combined for 10 fish weighing 41.51 pounds. An average over 4 pounds!!! Why some people around here put their boats away in September or early October I do not understand!!!
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what am I doing here?


Do you have room in your home for a boarder? I dont take up much space, though my tackle is a bit Those lakes in your neck of the woods offer a conacopia of piscatorial delights.
I have not weighed in 41 pounds in the last 5 tournaments! Hey Meg, you had close to 40 pounds as well....yeow!

Not Me.........

You won't find me putting the boat up until (maybe) around X-Mas.:D

What a great time to be on the water! There is no congestion at the boat launches..... (almost) no jet skis..... no water skiers or pleasure boaters. The geese are flying over-head and the scenery is beautiful with the falling leaves. You have the whole lake to yourself; like having your own, private lake! And, it's some of the best fishing of the year!:cool:

C'ya on the water,
Do you guys like to torture us downstaters? Don't answer that!!!LOL!
You have the whole lake to yourself; like having your own, private lake!
You got that right! We spent over 6 hours in my best area, and shared it with no one!! Well, there was that one small boat that made a quick drift through, but that was it.

Thanks again for letting me fish AGAIN! It was another great day on the water, though I only managed 3 keepers. Noel had boated atleast two limits of fish, and I was really wondering why I was not feeling the bites. I had dragged tubes on two previous occasions, once at Conesus with Noel two weeks ago, and I thought I was getting fairly comfortable with it, but boy, I was re-thinking everything when Noel was consistently boating fish and I was not. If I hadn't managed to catch the first fish of the day, my confidence would have been completely gone. The first fish of mine (not hard to remember, as there were only three:( ) hit when I bumped the tube off of a weed. The second fish hit very lightly, but the third bite was that wonderful thump, no doubt about it. At any rate, Noel is one of the best partners to fish with-tournament or practice- in part because he is always questioning, thinking, trying to figure it out, and that helps my learning curve. He can talk, joke, etc, but he is ALWAYS very, very focused on what the fish are doing, disecting every piece of the puzzle. Being out on the water without the constant whine of jet skiis certainly helped the day. Thanks again Noel! As always, it was great to see Ted and Andy again.
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Ya know, I wound up not being all that sick on Sunday, but, like you, I could still feel Erie in my stomach well into!

Glad you two had a great day. Conesus is truly amazing this time of year, when all that beautiful bronze appears out of "cock-a-doodle-doo-ville" again. :p

Definitely a weekend for the books... :yes:

Tight Lines...
Rob, I got quite a chuckle out of that "cockadoodledooville" comment! Classic Rob J.....
You know Scul, I was thinking the same thing as I read this and the other report.....

compare these LOSING weights with the WINNING weights recently at Mahopac.......

quite a difference!!!

oh, and MEG: you might not have been missing bites that Noel was detecting,,,,,,you might simply for a variety of reasons not been getting the same number of bites......
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