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What a great day on the water! This morning when I went out to my garage, Noel was waiting, ready to go at 7:10. We prepped the boat, got hooked up, meanwhile Charlie and John arrived. Due to the snow, we decided to just take my boat so Charlie would not have to tow in salt and slush.

The 4 of us climbed in, and made the run to the north end. We started in the same area where Noel and I left them bitting last week when we got "iced out" of the area. After a short drift, John landed a nice weed out of 20' of water....and I managed to catch an old rope. We continued to drift, but it was to no avail, the fish would not play nice. We finished that drift, and theorized that the fish may have moved further north (they had been moving further north the past few weeks) so we ran to a nice area just off of a prime spawing area. Working depths from 20 - 35 feet resulted in nothing. We were marking lots of fish, and the bottom was excellent, but it was "fishless" for us.

We then had about 2 hours remaining to fish (it was 10:00 or so) so we ran south to another area where we had found fish. We also thought the fish may be deeper than we had looked, as the fish seemed to move deeper through the past few weeks. Right away, Charlie hooked up with the first fish, and nice chunk in about 42 feet of water. Shortly after, John sticks a nice one in 44' or so. John followed that up with the biggest fish of the day also in the deep water. I was next with a smaller fish out of the shallow water (30'). It was intersting, due to the sharp drop, the front of the boat was usually 10-12' shallower than the back of the boat, so we were able to really cover the depths. I caught 1 more to end the drift, 5 fish for the boat, not bad! On the next drift, we just fished the most productive area, and Charlie and Noel hit a nice double!!! How about that! Snow falling and we get a nice bronze double in mid December!!! YEAH!!!!

What a fun day on the water, great Friends and good fishing! Thanks guys!!!

Seth V


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Way to go!

Way to go gang! Wish I could have, but.........

Did get a lot of work done on my project. And, if we get a decent day sometime after next Tuesday, I'm there!!:D I've got 1 1/2 weeks off from work and I'm gonna hit the lake at least once.

C'ya on the water,

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Christmas came early as far as I am concerned. What a great time out there on the water. After a slower than expected start, we really got into a group of fish in the last few hours, like Seth said. Well, I think today will help the transition into the hard water season, because it is coming . . . :(

There were a ton of good laughs out there while we dregded the bottom, dragging tubes four wide. Boy, it must have looked like an invasion to those fish.

I'd have to say the best part of the day was Noel and Charlie's double. The side-by-side hooksets were impressive enough, but having both those smallies break the surface about as far apart from each other as the the two guys were standing next to one another was pretty neat. It did look like they were racing to the boat. :D

Anyway, thanks again to Seth for the gracious guide service.
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