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Concerning James

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LP, you're right. When I was young and tried to find everything I could about bass fishing and artificials, sources were either yokels on Wichita Falls, tv networks selling stuff or the occassional articles in Sports Afield, Field & Stream or Outdoor Life. No one I associated with were interested in fishing and BassMaster was just making the scene.

I feel for James, really. But in due time I predict either he'll be ignored of get tired of hanging around with grown-ups. Many of our discussions are about specific techniques or waters that some of us are familiar with. It'd be like a master mechanic trying to explain the workings of fuel injection to a 14 year old with only words, especially if the young'n doesn't know what fuel injectors do.

If James wants to discreetly pm me or anyone elsw willing to guide him through tackle basics, technique, expenditures on equipment or any other info related to fishing, I welcome it.
Got that James!!?Once he has had a few experiences to relate to the rest of us, for a well deserved pat-on-the-back, great! Come back and tell us all about it.

But just the fact that James aspires to pro greathood indicates he knows little of what it takes to get there and that his formal education and career should be far more important than thinking of becoming rich catching fish. At this point in his life fishing should only be seen as a hobby, second only to dating, ;) (At least that was my concern at 14.) and he would be better off as a lurker. Hopefully he will learn the English language before he graduates!

Fishing is a life-sport and a safe haven within a world of havoc, chaos, uncertainty, contradictions and confusion. Whether you're on the water or fishing from a bank, the world goes away and all that's left is the challenge, a unique satisfaction and the realization that a need is being fulfilled to calm the soul.

Keep at it James. The information on the web will make your head spin and you'll be amazed at how much is actually useful. LOL

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guys, respect your replies and opinions, but since he is not around , I would prefer to close this thread.......
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