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After running Spybot I have been receiving messages stating
an exception occured during
every time I use the internet to change a page...
I have gone through Spybot's version of unerase and cannot find that specific file.
I have also ran Norton's Windoctor several times and it comes up clean...
Please HELP...
Thanks in advance

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btiein.dll (woodrow had it spelled a little off, no biggie) is assosciated with huntbar. huntbar is not a true virus, but a toolbar that uses your info to help locate more info or goodies for you. it is a shop/advertizing sponge. it is NOT SUPPOSED to use your info to further spam and pop ups...
i don't trust it anyway. further research states that huntbar actually works while you are surfing the net and sends this info out seamlessly without approval... honey... to me that is a virus. it reads and sends your clicks.
there are easy removal or repair options.

i posted this in case anyone else has this problem.

i found woodys prob and will repair it.
the culprit is a spy ware removal program that someone recommended to him. you guys have to be careful what you delete. it sometimes takes a while to learn what is bad, what is needed and what is good.

if you run a spyware removal tool... cut and paste the results here in this thread or email me b4 you delete and i will give you a thumbs up on delete or don't delete.

good luck boys and gals


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Heads Up

I am running SpyBot "Search & Destroy"...I NEVER used this and ran the program...It located several red icons that were ALREADY checked for me to remove.
I hit the Correct/Fix the problem button and Whalla....Problems.
I am calling Robbie !!!!

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Robo....You ALWAYS beat me !!!!

After a little manipulation to my computer with the "Master"...All is well.
Thank You Robo for ALWAYS being there !!!!
I have Uninstalled "Search and Destroy" because it did just that...just not ALL the files in the Registry.
Gregg... The first thing I tried to do was delete the file...I could not do so.
Thanks Again Robo

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Woody sorry if Spybot Search & Destroy gave you problems, it usually helpful to me. You do need to check the list.

Rob you the man :)
love your info thing in your signature, javascript?

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Not sure about Spybot but I use adaware and it allows you to quarantine any items before you delete them. If you delete something by accident you can restore it.

But Robbie is correct you need to be very careful about what you delete because you can sometimes do more harm then good.

Glad it all worked out for you Woody.


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adaware is what i used to remove the remains of the Btlink software... spybot took out an .exe and .dll file, but left half of the registry entries. we looked around in the reg and did some quick digging on the computer, there were orphan reg entries and some scraps, and adaware seemed to find what we needed to get out. adaware also gives on screen assistance if you are unsure. kudos to lavasoft for their great software.

the same can and would have been done manually, but why not do it the smart and easy way. we were actually prepared to edit the reg manually, but adaware did a great job of it.

lesson to all others...
when you feel like playing "farmer in the .dll" be careful, and or make backups!!!!

love ya woodster.

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