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Columbia County (fishing finished)

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What a change. Too cold, too fast. Three days ago the sur-temp on Robinson Lake was 43-44 degrees and the fat greenies were biting jig & chunks and hair jigs. All fish fat and full of fight some still jumping after being hooked. The front came thru and with 3 nights of 9 to 11 degrees and daytime not reaching 30, the water has suddenly become hard. Got the jon-boat out of the water just in time and winterized the bass-boat yesterday. Greg and I will be playing hockey behind the house by Sun or Mon. Copake Lake has skim ice on most of its surface and should be safe before too long also. Guess I've got almost 4 months to get my stuff together and organized. Got my firewood all cut,split and stacked and ready to cuddle and snuggle all winter long. Just have some boat shows, seminars and Fed meetings to keep me going. And of course our Watershed B/M awards banquet and the Fed banquet. Go quick winter, please.
5bass, Give me a call ASAP, I misplaced your number.
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Hard to believe a couple of weeks ago we had 60 degree days.:mad:

I do the same here for the winter plus I have to drive my wife crazy for the next few months so that when spring comes she is begging me to get out of the house. :D

If 5 toes does not get back to you, I have his number. Just send me a PM.
Never heard of an auger ......

....and a swedish pimple?
is that something you get from kissing the wrong women? AHAHHAHAHA.....

Mitch is right, however, that pimple and auger will not be good for quite a while, obviously , as the ice needs to be much thicker and stronger........

Gary, I feel for you.....this sudden turn of elements, happened so quickly......just a week and half ago, I was on Whaley having the time of my life, as you said, water was about 46 degrees that day.....

yesterday, I saw skim ice in many many places......

I reluctantly gave in and winterized the bass boat knowing that if all of sudden it got warmer again before Christmas, I could have hit Candy for some blade hard it is to give in on this......
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