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City Fishing takes on Lake Isle 10/19

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City Fishing Stan came to Lake Isle for the day.

On the water 8:45 AM. Water temp 58 degrees. Air temp between 40 and 50. Wind calm in AM building throughout the day. Overcast with occasional rain showers and brief ( two minutes ) sunshine.

After a slow start fishing the overhanging trees Stan broke the skunk and found the pattern with larger than average fish in 2-3 ft of watertight to shore. Senko was the best bite, but tubes and crankbait also boated fish.

Rock walls produced better than the docks, or laydowns. Humps did not produce anything.

All told I think 15 + fish boated and as I said earlier these are larger than I am used to catching on this lake. Where have they been all summer?

Stan it was a pleasure to fish with you. Thank you for the sandwich and drink. I hope we can do it again. I also want you to show me Central Park. Pictures to follow.

Fish Hard!
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Spent a great day fishing Lake Isle with Bob GotAway in his custom boat. He built it by hand and she is a beauty. Lake Isle is a gem and Bob knows it like the back of his hand. He could definitely run a guiding business there.

Bob warned me that there were plenty of dinks but most of the bass were nice and chunky. I only had a wacky rigged Senko bite, but Bob coaxed them to the boat with worms, tubes and a deep crank.

Scenery was great as the leaves were already turning colors. The weather wasn't too cooperative but we boated a bunch of nice sized fish and missed plenty more. Bob had the biggest fish of the day (3+ pounds ) caught on his tiny ultralight setup.

Bob, thanks for the invite. Great job maneuvering the boat all day and helping me with my branch and rock fish. Next time you're in the city, we'll hit Central Park and I'll show you some tough inner city bass.


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Central Park fish

Are those bass in the hood ?:beerchug:
Good job, nice day. Let me know if you you ever need a fishing partner as I live a few blocks away from you and the "Isle". Also,give me a call if you would like to try Kensico although fishing is in a funk as we speak.
P.S I tried to PM you a few times,apparently you did not receive...
good to see you guys get out there, Bob has a really nice water there to fish, and yes, his boat is a work of art........
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