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cannan lake ,patchogue

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will be moving in to my new house sat. its about 1/2 mile from cannan. how is the bottom for wading this lake? i see only the one spot to fish from on shore. also know they just stocked it with trout. looks like there alot of weeds now that are dying off. will try to fish it sunday morning for first time,
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The guy you want to speak with is Tom Logudice He is on this board as Tomlodge I believe he fishes that area quite a lot.
Welcome to Suffolk County land of slightly less property tax than Nassau County.
ive been spelling it wrong that s why nothing was on my search . this lake actually was mentioned in eartworms articles about night fishing which is what i mostly do. tom if you read this maybe ill see ya down there. ill definitly be wading around. i saw a map online and it shows some stumps smack in the middle. gotta see the hard way to get out there
chewy, canaan is a good lake. there is a lot more than one spot to fish there. i'll show you one day. also, as far as wading, there are a few good spots to wade, but i wouldn't go out too far because you'll sink real fast. the way that lake is, you won't really need to wade too far anyway.

it is still weed choked, but they are starting to die. and the bass and pickerel are hitting on fat ika's.

as far a s i i knnow, they didn't stock it with trout yet. i think they're gonna stock it in mid-november, & again in april.

anyhow, i guess i'll see you there sometime, since i go there a lot. may try it this frriday afternoon after 3pm.

i usually go the north end of the lake, by ohls street.

good luck, lete me know if you have any questions.
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ohls is my block east of ocean

talked to dec about stocking and was told it should be done by last weekend. i saw your post on the ikas. nothing with senko dragged on top of weeds?
i did great with senkos at canaan lake in the summer. but lately, i can't even get bites on senkos anywhere. i've been trying spinnerbaits, cranks, senkos. nothing. the only action i'm getting recently is on the fat ikas.
Chewy, bottom can get very muddy, very quickly, get a float tube, much safer.
have one but never used it yet. had problem putting fins over waders. are u suppose to do it this way?
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