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When a geezer goes old school, we're talking REALLY old.

Jim and I went to Candlewood today, hoping — expecting — to find the post spawn topwater smallie bite still going strong. With heavy fog in the morning, and a forecast for steady rain most of the day, conditions seemed more than ideal.

Hear that sound?


Listen closer. The sound of smallies not biting on top is not very loud.

Oh, wait. There’s a sound.


That’s the sound of the air going out of our balloon.

Jim did get one — count them, ONE — smallie on his super fluke, on about our 5th or 6th spot we tried. About the best you could say for it was that it was a keeper. I had one fish roll at my Fin-S Fish, but it looked like a 2 poundish largemouth.

We cashed out on the idea of getting any topwater action. I rerigged with an old school jig worm. No shaky head for me. Just a 1/8 oz dart head with a Grapevine Ribster on it. Put the boat on the west bank at the extreme northern end of the New Milford arm of the lake, set the i-Pilot on a southerly course along the bank and set the speed to a slow crawl. OK, it’s not all that old school with the i-Pilot and the down imaging Humminbirds and all instead of my cranky old foot controlled motor and Super Sixty flasher. But you get the idea.

The bank we were fishing bailed me out on many a trip to Candlewood back in the '70s and '80s. And more often that not, it was a 4" black grape worm on a 1/8 ounce jighead that turned the trick. I was reaching way back into my fishing history for a little success today.

The old school tactic payed off for me to the tune of 10 bass, including a 3.96#, a 3.80# and a 3.71# largemouth. Numbers-wise, my catch was evenly split between largemouth and smallmouth, but the biggest smallie didn’t go much more than a pound and a quarter and weight-wise, the 5 smallies combined didn't weigh a whole lot more than the biggest largemouth I boated.

Meanwhile, Jim caught a half dozen bass, with his best about 2# or so on the Ozmo.

The steady rain that had been promised amounted to maybe 45 minutes to an hour of intermittent showers scattered around the 4-1/2 hours we worked our way down that bank. Most of the rain fell during one 7 minute deluge when we couldn’t see 30 feet.

Anyway, here’s the fish porn.


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Aren't those the same pix from last week....just kidding.......It's always good to be out no matter catching or not......It's out way of practicing(and throwing stuff in our boxes that we don't throw too often).....Good report regardless!!
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