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Can you hear me now...

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The other night during the Giant/Saints football game Saints receiver Joe Horn, upon catching his second touchdown pass of the game, proceeded to make a cell phone call while standing in the end zone. Is this what has become of football. I thought that after the Sharpie incident this type of stupidity was over. Now the league is looking into whether or not they should fine Horn for his "celebration". I think it's sad and ridiculous. I don't watch football to see some jackass dance around after he scores a touchdown or makes a good tackle.
I think that Horn should be fined. And suspended. I also think that they should implement a no excessive celebration rule like in college.
I keep hearing players refer to the game as "entertainment". If I wanted to see someone dance around in their tights I'd go to Radio City.

It's getting to the point where it's unwatchable.

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hear ye!

I feel that a suspension is absolutly needed,the excessive celebrations are getting out of hand,,,in regards to this last antic,I would not be surprised to see this stunt used in a cel-phone ad in the near future,,,and any fines will be paid by that company,,a suspension with no pay & LARGE fine will be needed to stop this foolishness!! Tightlines,Mark
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