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Built a Bass DataBase....Need Input

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I just got done putting the finishing touches on my new website.... .(Remember it's in the infant stage, so report any bugs if you come across any.)

Here's how it works, It's a COMMUNITY Bass Fishing Log Book (website), setup so that you can input your log information right on the webpage, your data alone with everyone elses is saved in a SEARCHABLE database. So if you wanted to know what kind of success someone had fishing rip-rap when the water temp was in the 70's, you could find out.

Some of the data you'll be able to input is: State, month, body of water, water temp, clarity, lures, structure, depth you caught fish, weather and misc. comments.

It's EASY and after we get a pile of data, it'll be a great tool for finding bass fishing information. So if you get a chance I'd appreciate it if you guys could visit the site and input some of your log data. It doesn't even need to be recent data. Thanks alot and tell your friends.
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Great Idea!!!


That data base is a great idea, I like the search function it breaks things down nicely. I'm sure a year or two down the road if you get enough people interested and entering their trips into the log, one should be able to get a general idea and almost be able to go out in any condition and put something together based on what they saw there on your data base.

Only problem is and I am not trying to knock what you have there I think its great, people have to be honest in their posting and I am not saying the obvious frivolous posts I know manifest themselves here from time to time but the "fish tales" that are somewhat plausable could throw things off a bit.

I have saved it to my favorites and hope to be able to use and post to it from time to time.

Good Luck.
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