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Brief post for the October 25 Erie Tx.

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Just a quick note about the Erie Tx of Seth's.

12 teams fished. All but one team weighed in. LOWEST weight was upper 18's for their 5 fish limit.

Now the good stuff!

Winners had 25 and change
Second was 24 and change
Jiggin-n-piggin was 3rd with 23.89
Rob and I were 4th with 23.83
Seth and Charlie were 5th with 23.75
6th was also over 23 pounds
Meg and my father "only" had 19 and change, but Meg did have lunker of the tournament with a 6.01 chunk. Apparently, that was her FIRST EVER Lake Erie smallie.

Pictures and a personal story to follow (maybe tomorrow)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts guys and gals live in fantasy land up there! Holy Moley!
live in fantasy land up there
....... and I hope I never grow up! :D It's the only place I know where we can have 24 lbs. in the well and KNOW that it ain't enough.:(

C'ya on the water,
Photos please. I want to see some pig smallies

A Halloween Fall Classic on Erie Hey Ted, dont you hate that when you only have 24 pounds in the livewell??? The Allinance Tournament here last week didnt have 24 pounds total weighed in between 20 guys (actually 27 pounds).
Holey Moley

I 'm in for a Ween Classic on Erie or ANYWHERE...Sign me up
IMPRESSIVE WEIGHTS..Way to go you "Northerners" !!!
You folks NEVER cease to amaze me...
Tight Lines,
Sucks, huh?

Hey Ted, dont you hate that when you only have 24 pounds in the livewell???

I'm in for ANYTHING on Erie! :D Would love to have you guys up. If you've never done it, you gotta, at least once in your lifetime. Don't know how your Holloween Classic works, but we'll do some type of draw, where each "out of towner" gets a local guy for a partner. Evens things out a bit and maximizes your fun. It's a big place and a LOT of water.

C'ya on the water,
I had a wonderful time fishing with Larry Good, Noel's dad (Larry, i know you're reading this, register!), on Erie. It was my first time fishing Erie (need to have my head examined for NOT going there sooner), and my first fish was a 6.01 pound smallie. I am stil absolutely amazed by the weights-18 plus was the smallest bag weighed in. That is just sick! Rob J said the waves would only be 1-2 feet. Well can I just say that those were the LARGEST 2 foot waves I have ever seen... I suppose the ones in the Perfect Storm were only 3-4! I never felt sick though, and did not premedicate...Larry, like Noel, is simply a wonderful partner.

Earthy, the pics will follow-Rob has them. You'll never guess what I caught it on! I will give you a hint-you made it...
Meg mentioned her 6.01, but didn't mention that it was also lunker!! Nice Job, girl!!

It was a 'shocker' Saturday at Erie, literally. I am not sure what caused it, but, there was a tremendous amount of 'static' in the air on the lake. I cast my 3/8 ounce tube, and it 'floated' on the surface, with my line hovering straight in the air. As I reeled it in, Wade and I could hear the line 'sizzling' coming through the rod guides. We went to see if Noel was having a similar experience, and, well, they were 'tucked' down in their boat. Rob J got shocked by his rod, with many similar stories when we got into the launch.

There were no t-storms in the area, but, it was a very freaky experience. There is really nowhere to hide on the 'Big E', just alot of rolling water!

If anyone can explain what causes this, please post an explanation, is it dangerous?

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Holy Crapazoli!!!!!!!

What bags!!!!! Great report Noel. Nice fish Meg.
Am I jealous or what? Fished Erie only once at NY Fed Tx in early Sept and my fish were rats compared to these bags. Congrats to Ted, Noel, Meg, Larry and the rest of my western friends. A possible explanation to the static condition you experienced could be the solar condition this past weekend. The explosions in the solar system had an effect on the earths magnetic field.
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