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breakdown of opinions RE pb ban

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I've got to admit it. I'm a little confused by the mixed responses of all concerning the lead ban, including Wandy's. Since the replies were, for the most part, well written and at times contradictory, I'll let you read them and make up your own minds.
These are their opinions, directly quoted.

Let's start with Eric from Maine. He states in different replies:

Anglers should be very careful around loon nesting areas as the nesting loon is vulnerable. The loon stays close to the nest and there is not always an abundance of small pebbles nearby. A piece of lead in the shallows near a nesting site is more likely to be selected.
It is for the most part bullshit. I am though proud of the compromise passed here in Maine. Initially the bill called for a ban of all fishing tackle containing lead 2 ounces or less.This ban would have included spinnerbaits, jigs as well as sinkers...
Lead used in tackle is not like the lead that used to be in gasoline....your lost sinker is not disloving into the water...
In the scheme of things a handful of loon deaths is not significant ...We all need to be Vigilant though, as Audubon will go after jigs eventually. Jig remnants have been found during loon autopsies.
Loons, not ducks and geese, have a problem with lead. They use small stones in their crop to aid in digestion. If it should mistakenly pick up a small piece of lead it will not pass it as would other waterfowl; the lead will rattle around in the crop with other stones breaking down the lead and absorbing it into the blood stream killing the loon. This is a rare occurance.
Waterfowl such as ducks and geese are not effected by lead so will do nothing to help the shit on the docks.
In the 70's when shot shells contained lead. If a duck were to eat a lead sinker he would pass it in short order. It would take repeated events to cause illness or death.
I take it Eric that you are mostly against laws that would limit the use of lead jigs and spinnerbaits. But on the other hand...

Wandy, I am glad that you responded to this thread. It shows what we are up against. Audubon frames the argument as those who care vs. those that don't care or don't know. TU (trout unlimited) testified in favor of the original bill in Maine. (A ban on all lead fishing tackle 2 0z or less, yes this would have included jigs and spinnerbaits)

Wandy, is the information supplied by Eric incorrect?

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Good job Frank, I have to absorb all of this.
I know Earthy: Frank has given us this troika of summation posts and it is a lot to digest......
apologies to Eric

I reread your replies a few times and I think I misinterpreted your message as being for and against. Am I right in interpreting your message as being against legislation that is intended to restrict sportsmen's rights under the guise of enviromental protection and that the split shot bill does not benfit most bird species?

If this is correct, my sincere apologies.

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