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breakdown 5 of opinions RE pb ban

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Tony replies:

You're just being silly now. You're either missing my point or you're just distorting the facts of my argument to fit your point.
This question in no way attempted to distort your information about the past or your concerns about the future. The question posed asks simply, is lead-use okay, PERIOD! If you said yes, you admitted it was okay - a little isn't going to hurt. But then you refuted the approval with the following statement:

Lead not only hurts waterfowl but it hurts us and more importantly, our children.... this is the real problem as I see it.
But in the same breath state:

Industry and the lack of laws were the problem when I was a kid... not lead sinkers. Now, it may seem that we're nitpicking with these lead laws but I ask you to keep in mind that things evolve over time.
For those that don't have an opinion, I can only encourage you to seek out the facts for yourself and come to an educated opinion based upon those facts.
Scott E. makes a valid point about the insolubility or inertness of lead in water. DEC chemists in all states know the basic chemistry of concentrations in solution that are possible by metals or metal compounds. I'm not a chemist and don't know Scott's source, but lead pipes are still in place in old buildings where people live. Is there a federal law requiring all lead plumbing be replaced with alternatives? Has the water that ran through those pipes and was consumed, ever been known to make people ill or cause brain tumors? Just curious. As far as I know, old lead pipes are still in use.

The point I'm trying to make is that if lead pipes cause health problems, (and I believe they might), how is it that federal or state standards aren't in effect that protect people, yet a state law has been passed to protect a few loons? Maybe PETA better include humans in their crusade- it's the human thing to do.

The whole point of the three questions was to reveal something about the avid person's dedication to their cause and whether they are willing to sacrifice NOW and without reservations. I don't want to hear sermons from the mount or wishy-washy statements that attempt to be environmentally correct! (And Wandy, please don't refer us to biased animal-lover sites that are a cover for PETA!)

If you use lead, you lose lead! If you dispose of it into the lake or the regular trash, you introduce it back into the environment. (By the way, who takes a piss overboard. Come on Gregg, your cow's bladder won't allow you to store it on board, unless John turns the boat too fast!!) LOL Untreated human waste is pollution too, or do you just think #1 is okay but #2 is not?) The concept of concentration comes to mind every time I whiz, the same as with angler-lead.

Simple questions, few admissions.
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With respect....

You've taken various statements of mine and snapped them together out of the context they were originally offered.

Obviously, you are much too clever for me therefore I shall retire from this thread.

Tony: I think Frank had nothing to do one day, couldn't get out fishing and so he played cut and paste games all day with that argument! LOL........

judging by the response to his thread, it seems the rest of us DO have better things to do! DOH!!!!

( just busting your onions Frank)
No problem John, in fact I was waiting for the weather to warm before I took the canoe to the lake around 12:30. We had a frost and my onions would have been cold enough for a martini if I had left before that time. It was chilly on the lake, but layers and a good hood kept the chill out.

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